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Personalized Memorial Funeral Ribbon Pins 20

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Honor the memory of your loved one with grace and dignity using our Personalized Memorial or Funeral Ribbon Pins with Embellishment – a timeless tribute that beautifully commemorates their life and legacy.

Crafted with the utmost care and reverence, each pin is meticulously designed to reflect the unique spirit and cherished memories of your departed loved one. Our skilled artisans handcraft each ribbon pin with precision, ensuring every detail is perfect, from the elegant ribbon to the exquisite embellishments that adorn it.

What sets our memorial ribbon pins apart is the ability to personalize them with the name, date, or special message of your loved one. This customization adds a deeply personal touch, transforming each pin into a heartfelt keepsake that serves as a poignant reminder of their enduring presence in your heart.

The embellishments adorning our memorial ribbon pins are carefully selected to convey love, respect, and remembrance. From delicate flowers symbolizing beauty and life to shimmering crystals representing the eternal sparkle of their spirit, each embellishment is chosen with intention to honor your loved one's memory in the most dignified and meaningful way.

Whether worn by family members, friends, or attendees at the funeral or memorial service, our personalized ribbon pins serve as a powerful symbol of unity and remembrance, bringing comfort and solace during a difficult time. They offer a tangible connection to your loved one's memory, allowing you to carry their spirit with you wherever you go.

Celebrate the life and legacy of your beloved with our Personalized Memorial or Funeral Ribbon Pins with Embellishment. It's more than just a pin – it's a symbol of everlasting love, cherished memories, and the profound impact your loved one had on the lives of those they touched.

  • left side -  In Loving Memory, name goes here
  • right side - Sunrise -  Sunset, dates go here


° choose the ribbon and wording color at the right
° enter the text for the left side and right side of the ribbon

SIZE: approx 3.5 wide x 5" tall 
° Ribbons will arrive fully assembled with a pin on the back 

QUANTITY:  Pack of 20 ribbons

We know how important it can be to spread awareness about a cause that is close to your heart.  These are great for bringing awareness to:

  • breast cancer
  • Alzheimer disease
  • diabetes
  • suicide
  • cancer
  • survivor
  • lyme disease
  • pregnancy loss
  • infant loss
  • funeral pin
  • memorial pin
  • celebration of life

These personalized ribbon pins has so many uses such as:  

grave decoration

custom personalize ribbon for cemetery



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Personalized Memorial Funeral Ribbon Pins 20

(12 reviews) Write a Review
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