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What do you put on a memorial ribbon?

What do you put on a memorial ribbon?

Posted by Amy Jarvinen, ABB Inc. on 20th Apr 2021

Personalized Memorial Service Funeral Ribbon Pins

Funeral ribbon pins are used to wear during a funeral or memorial service. There are a variety of Funeral Ribbon Pins that can be customized. These memorial pins measure approx 5" long and are often used to personalize a service.It can be worn on a lapel of your shirt / jacket or use these as an awareness ribbon.  Add a personalized memorial pin to adorn a floral arrangement graveside. There are many uses for a ribbon embellishment and the use is only limited by your imagination!  The addition and inclusion of funeral ribbon pins create something meaningful within a service to honor your loved ones after they are gone.  Wear this pin on the anniversary of their birth or death.

Wording on Ribbons

Some personalized ribbons may include some generic wording such as "In Loving Memory", "Forever In Our Hearts", “Beloved Mother”, “Loving Husband”, “Adored Father”, “Cherished Wife” or “Faithful Husband”. Adding their name on the ribbon for an even more personalized pin is the most popular.  The wording is entirely up to you and how you want the text to read.   Other ideas may be a favorite phrase or very short quote the deceased often said. Really, any words that remind you is a good idea to write as well as their name. Traditional wording can be “In Loving Memory” or “Honoring Your Life” are popular choices for imprinting.  We can add up to 30 characters per row, per side.  We have to limit the wording so that they read properly.  Since the ribbon needs to be assembled so that it will still display the words so it can be read well. 

Example wording

Left Side:

  • In Loving Memory
  • John M. Smith

Right Side:

  • Sunrise - Sunset
  • DOB - DOD here

Can I add an embellishment or image to the ribbons?

Yes, at Amy's Bubbling Boutique we specialize in offering the memorial service funeral ribbon pins in the most personalized way.  We offer a cross center embellishment in a variety of colors, as well as an angel or crown.  We can even add another image printed on the ribbons along with the wording.  The most popular image to add is praying hands or angel wings.

Where to buy Personalized Ribbons for a funeral?

Amy's Bubbling Boutique offers a variety of colors for ribbons along with many different colors of lettering to personalize your memorial funeral ribbon pins.  Ribbons are created with top quality material and a popular choice amongst grieving families. Their special process of printing creates a long lasting keepsake which can be worn at the service and worn again on the anniversary date of death. Pricing is reasonable and shipping is fast since the company creates the ribbons in house here in the USA.  Embellishments are also offered in a variety of colors to add that extra special touch.  Order here