Amy's Bubbling Boutique 1st Blog Post!

Posted by Amy Daleo on 18th Nov 2014

Welcome to the first Blog post for ABB!  Let me take a moment to tell you about Amy's Bubbling Boutique and how it was born.   

Amy's Bubbling Boutique was started in 2001.  The name came from her son, Austin.  He came up with several ideas for names and Amy's Bubbling Boutique was born.  It started out as a small business in the kitchen of their home.  Within a year, the business was really starting to take off.  However, the kitchen space was too small.  Her home was added onto and turned into a manufacturing, business area. This has allowed the business to continue to grow at a steady rate

It all start in 2006, Amy's (owner of ABB) children were both diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder.   It was at that time Amy began to work full time at home and expand her business to allow the flexibility her family needed to deal with her children's diagnosis. The at home business allowed her the flexibility that her children would require.

Amy's Bubbling Boutique has become the primary source of income for the single mother. Through this journey, her children have been an integral part of the business. Alongside their mother, Austin and Andrew are learning how to own and operate a business, handle customer service, process orders, shipping and bookkeeping. These tools are an important part of their daily living skills that help them to be successful.

During the time that Amy runs the business, she also joined an Autism Support Group.  She quickly dove right in to learn as much about autism as she could.  After being involved for several years, she was asked to join the Board of Directors as the Board Secretary.  After a year as Secretary, Amy was elected the President.  While serving as President for the organization, Amy raised over $150,000 for the non-profit and started an Autism Support & Resource Center and also an Autism Sensory Room.  After three very successful years as President, she was hired in as the Executive Director.  Amy loved her work at the Autism Center.  She enjoyed watching the children and families living with autism thrive and get the much needed resources and support that they needed so badly.  After several years of fulfilling her dreams of helping others with autism, Amy decided it was time to re-focus her time on her teenage children and her business.  

Amy continues to bring the latest designs, colors & fragrances for her customers.  She stays on top of the trends and works with each customer to ensure order satisfaction.  It's not just a business for Amy, it's a part of her every day life.