Hand Sanitizer Spray with Alcohol

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hand and surface hand sanitizer spray with alcohol

Hand & surface sanitizer with Alcohol Spray formula that is Rinse Less Cleanser Infused with Botanicals Unscented 4 ounces with Aloe & Vitamin E - Made in the USA

4 ounce bottle of rinse less alcohol based hand & surface sanitizer spray. Infused with botanicals. A small, pocket sized bottle is perfect for your purse or bag. Whether you are out at a park, out on a hike, or in a gym, a small size bottle is convenient to have close at hand. Using a Rinse-Free Hand Wash is the easiest and most important step you can take to keep your hands clean when soap and water are not available. Made in the USA!

Where can you use a rinse free hand spray sanitizer? Wherever you are, you use a rinse free hand wash. Any time you are away from a bathroom or a sink, or when you have limited amounts of water, a rinse free hand wash is the perfect answer. It is perfect for camping, on or off the grid, or in unsanitary parks. And it is great to use when you are in a rush and need a quick rinse.

Surfaces to spray with our sanitizer:
hands and arms
shopping carts
take out menus
public toilet seats & diaper changing tables
keyboards and electronics
cell phones and remote controls
interior car surfaces
door knobs and switches

Camping: While there is often a toilet at any campsites, a sink can be a bit more rare. Having a hand wash handy before cooking is a great convenience, especially outdoors and it can help keep you healthy.

Hiking: Many people are out for several hours at a time on a hike.

Gym: There are sweaty and potent people all over the gym. And just the thought of touching your face after touching the machine is cringe worthy, However, having a pocket sized hand wash is great to apply after each use on a machine.

The airport: Bathrooms are far in between, and there are thousands of people bustling around. Most people get sick at the airport. Because there are tons of bacteria and airborne irritates combined with your immune system compromised due to stress.

Ingredients: ethyl alcohol 62%, aloe barbadensis leaf, carbomer, dimethicone, triisopropanolamine, water